Top 10 Kolkata’s Famous Food Places

Top 10 Kolkata's Famous Food Places
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According to studies, 7 out of 10 Bengalis consider themselves to be hardcore foodies. And there are many locations in the city of joy where we all can satisfy our souls with our lips. But! It’s hard to discover the perfect place to spend a soothing day or evening. That is why I have listed some of Kolkata’s famous food places. I know many of you also like street foods, so I’ve included an additional list of famous street food places in Kolkata just for you.

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The following Are The Top 10 Kolkata’s Famous Food Places

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a place that comes to my find when I think about Kolkata’s Famous Food Places. It is a luxurious yet simple lounge and pub. It’s a hangout spot known for its unique drinks and fresh tap beers. This stylish nightspot serves North Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines, as well as a full bar, in a rustic-chic setting. It also shows live sporting events. Carpe Diem is located on Park Street in Kolkata, next to the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce.

Caafe 360 Degree

Caafe 360 Degree is a brand of Cafés with an excellent ambiance, a pleasant and comfortable seating space, and a comprehensive multi-cuisine menu with a range of Chinese, Continental, and Finger food specialties. The budget-friendly cuisine is tailored to the customers’ interests and preferences, and it is suitable for individuals of all ages. Caafe 360 Degrees’ cozy spaces make it ideal for casual gatherings and chats, as well as spending quality time with friends. The outlet is at Kankurgachi, East Kolkata, near Shiv Mandir.

Fly Kouzina

Fly Kouzina is a casual dining restaurant in East Kolkata’s Salt Lake region. The restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. A separate breakfast area for healthy eaters is also available on the reasonably priced menu. Fly Kouzina is close to the IDBI Bank. They have a wonderful airplane-themed atmosphere as well as good meals. A vegetarian section of the restaurant’s guests is provided too.


Zaairah is a casual restaurant with a sophisticated and well-lit ambiance. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Zaairah is an ideal location for spending time with family and friends. It’s in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area.

Pawan Putra

Pawan Putra is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in vegetarian meals from North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, and South Indian cuisines. The restaurant is well-known for its speed in serving high-quality cuisine. Every meal, which is influenced by several regions, is packed with spices and authentic tastes. A budget-friendly menu caters to individuals of all ages and is chock-full of alternatives you can’t afford to pass up. The large ambiance is a plus as well. Pawan Putra is located near Bakshi Orthopedic Center And Trauma Care in Kankurgachi, East Kolkata.

The Chutney

The Chutney Co. is one of the city’s best South Indian dining options. The restaurant has a great and sophisticated ambiance and provides a range of delectable South Indian cuisine. The experienced chefs handpick the genuine spices and fragrant herbs utilized in their recipes. The low-cost, all-vegetarian food appeals to individuals of all ages. The Chutney Co. is the ideal location for anybody who enjoys real South Indian cuisine. The Chutney Company is located in BBD Bagh, Kolkata, near The Great Eastern Trading Company.

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K Local

K Local is a rooftop hangout for those who are particular about their cuisine and service quality. From their affordable menu, they provide delectable Asian, North Indian, Italian, and Continental cuisine, as well as a wide range of beverages from their vast beverage menu. Every meal has the best flavor and is served after their cooks have worked diligently all day. K Local has a sophisticated ambiance, with cool outside seats and additional amenities such as screenings and live performances.

The Dugout-

The Dugout is a popular sports bar and café that broadcasts major sporting events while serving platters of global pub foods and mocktails. The restaurant has a fantastic ambiance and cutting-edge design, as well as an extensive menu of Italian and Chinese cuisine. The cuisine is reasonably priced and appeals to a segment of the vegetarian population. The Dugout is the ideal spot for sports fans to watch their favorite games while dining on delicious Continental fare. The Dugout is in Kolkata’s Sarat Bose Road.

Oh! Calcutta-

Oh! Calcutta is an awesome place to start your Bengali culinary adventure because it offers the staples of traditional Bengali cuisines. Smoked boneless hilsa and smoked bhekti, which is seasoned with mustard paste and green chilies before being wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, are two menu favorites. Finish your dinner with some of Kolkata’s famed desserts, such as mishti doi, a sweetened yogurt made in the Bengali style. Alternatively, try the handmade date palm jaggery ice cream, which is highly praised by Oh! Calcutta fans.

Arsalan Restaurant

The list of Kolkata’s Famous Food Places is incomplete without this restaurant. Arsalan Restaurant has a reputation for serving genuine Mughlai dishes. This cuisine is inspired by Persian-influenced cuisine served in the Mughal Empire’s imperial kitchens. For its biryanis, Kolkatans flock to Arsalan — or order Arsalan for large parties. Arsalan is widely regarded as serving the greatest biryanis in Kolkata, featuring dishes including mutton biryani, Hyderabadi biryani, chicken biryani, and more. Arsalan’s chicken chaanp and a variety of kabab choices are also popular.

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I hope you like my personal recommendations for Kolkata’s famous food places, I am sure that we will spend quality time with your family. I completely forgot to include a list of the best street food places in Kolkata.

I sincerely apologize! In my next article, I promise, will be writing about famous street food places in Kolkata.

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