Kathi roll: Kolkata’s street food

kathi roll
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This blog post is about Kathi roll, an Indian Street food from Kolkata. Kathi rolls are made of a semi-soft bread called phulka and filled with ingredients like egg, cucumber, carrot, boiled potato, and chicken. This blog also talks about the history of Kathi rolls and how they originated in Kolkata.

Introduction to Kathi roll

vegetable kathi roll

The Kathi Roll is a street food dish from Kolkata in West Bengal, India. It consists of a paratha (an Indian bread) wrapped around a vegetable and/or meat stuffing, which is then deep-fried. The word “Kathi” means “to cover” in Bengali; thus the Kathi roll.

What is a Kathi roll?

chicken kathi roll

Kathi rolls are popular street food in Kolkata, India. They are made from a small round rice-and-flour paratha or chapati (tortilla), which is then filled with spicy chicken, coriander, and onion. It is served with chutneys and a sweet, salty, vinegary sauce called mirchi ka achar.

Where do you find Kati rolls?

Kati rolls are found on the streets of Kolkata in small makeshift shacks called phuchkas, or fried-dumpling stalls. The preparation time is about ten minutes and only a few items are necessary for the dish. A kati roll is made with cumin-spiced potatoes, chickpeas and onions rolled into a thin flatbread and served with chutney.

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History of the dish

paneer kathi roll

The name Kathi is derived from the Bengali word for “crêpe”. And it’s one of the most popular street food items in Kolkata. The filling is typically a combination of mashed potato, onion, garlic, green chilies, and spices like turmeric and coriander. It originates from a much earlier dish called ‘chole-kulcha’ which was very popular in West Bengal.

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How are they eaten?

Kathi rolls are usually eaten by rolling them up in a roti like a burrito. They can also be eaten similar to a sandwich with the roll spread with different chutneys and sauces.


This blog post is meant to provide insight into the Kathi roll, street food in Kolkata. I hope it will help those who are visiting Kolkata or want to make this dish at home.

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